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10. Barcamp SüdtirolKurhaus Meran
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Barcamp Südtirol 

Barcamp Südtirol is a platform for exchanging knowledge as well as networking amongst those in the tourism, communication and information technology sectors. The thematic focus of the event is the use of digital technologies in tourism.

Barcamp Südtirol is organised by IDM Südtirol in cooperation with NOI Techpark , the HGV (Hotel and Restaurant Association) and the Merano Tourist Office. Participation in Barcamp is free of charge.

Together with the event location, we will ensure that all applicable Covid-19 hygiene and safety measures are observed. Access only with Green Pass.

We would be pleased to receive photos and comments about the #bcs21.

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A Barcamp is an open conference with open workshops: in a sense it’s an anti-conference. The participants themselves determine the course and content of the proceedings. Barcamps facilitate the exchange and discussion of content. The relaxed and casual atmosphere is an essential component of any Barcamp.

A Barcamp consists of about 20 to 25 discussion rounds, i.e. so-called sessions. The contents come from the individual participants who prepare a topic independently. A 10-minute presentation introduces the topic, the remaining time of the session is discussed together and experiences are exchanged.
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/IQBCsBeWFew

"Sharing knowledge to increase one's own knowledge" is the guiding principle!


A Barcamp usually starts with a short welcome by the organiser and a breakfast together. A rough schedule for the next 48 hours is agreed and each participant introduces himself/herself briefly.

Then follows the presentation of the sessions: Everyone has the opportunity to offer a workshop, a lecture, a discussion or similar. Interested parties can register for the respective sessions and the rooms will be allocated.

Once all sessions have been briefly presented and distributed, the actual lectures and discussions begin: the true heart of a Barcamp. The lecturers are responsible for ensuring that presentation slides and the content, sound and video of their presentations are published on the internet and made available to all Barcampers, including those who were unable to attend the Barcamp in person.

A barcamp is not about developing and presenting a concrete goal. As a result, the end is usually a short summary and the further exchange of participants in a relaxed atmosphere.


In a Barcamp, all participants are treated equally, there are no hierarchies. Everyone has the chance to talk to each other at eye level and exchange ideas. A session does not necessarily have to be accompanied by a presentation.

Tantek Çelik, one of the inventors of the Barcamp, defined his rules as follows:
•    Rule one: Talk about Barcamp.
•    Rule 2: Blog about Barcamp.
•    Rule 3: If you want to present, write your topic and your name in a presentation slot.
•    Rule four: Introduce yourself using only three keywords.
•    Rule 5: There should be as many simultaneous presentations as space allows.
•    Rule 6: There are no pre-defined presentations and no “tourists."
•    Rule 7: Presentations last as long as they need to - or until they overlap with the following presentation slot.
•    Rule 8: At your first Barcamp, you must present a session (this is not an absolute must though try at least to find someone to partner up with or at a minimum ask questions and be an active participant).

Sessions Suggestions Suggested session
Esperienze di visita interattive con Internet of Things –scenari di utilizzo
L'utilizzo di tecnologie Internet of Things (IoT), quali App, beacon e sensori, consentono di arricchire e personalizzare l'interazione e l'esperienza di visita del turista . Durante la sessione discuteremo alcuni scenari realizzati in recenti progetti innovativi per Enti turistici e culturali.
Adriano Venturini
Online Check In / Out im Hotel "Wie mache ich es richtig"
Die Chancen des Online Check Ins / Outs für das Hotel. Arbeitserleichterung Mehr Zeit für die Gäste Flexibilität für Hotel und Gast
Maurice Sausse
Questa sessione introduce nuove tecnologie di intelligenza artificiale per l’industria del turismo. Attraverso degli esempi vedremo come è possibile utilizzare dati raccolti dal web e da sensori per comprendere il comportamento dei turisti, predirlo e usarlo per supportare le loro scelte.
David Massimo
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Gäste wollen Nachhaltigkeit
Nachhaltigkeit ist in aller Munde und der Gast verlangt immer mehr nach nachhaltigen Angeboten. Was bringt die Nachhaltigkeit aber dem Hotel und dem Gast und wie erreichen wir nachhaltige Verbesserungen für die Umwelt und das Klima.
Philipp Nagel
Systent GmbH
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